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Olympic Training - GREECE

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Olympic Training & Development Ltd. (also called "OLYMPIAKO KEK") was founded in 1995 in order to provide vocational training, life long learning & similar services (research, studies, seminars, conferences, training material, participation in integrated programmes & community initiatives)

The company operates nation-wide, the headquarters in Pyrgos, while there are branches in Patras, Lamia, Zakynthos and Tripoli.

At Olympic Training Ltd., are offered:

* 7 certified ICT laboratories

* 9 modern training rooms

* Up to date presentation appliances


The knowledge Society is constantly developing, being a challenge for every educational institution: vast & expanding volumes of information need to be transformed into up to date knowledge & know-how.

The company ambition to operate like navigator in this demanding environment is also a challenge, adding a perspective direction to the educational procedure of vocational training. Besides the transfer of concrete educational contents we aim at contributing to the perception of change in itself as dynamic life & work model.

Olympic Training Ltd. has as its aim to contribute to social development contributing to the creation of preconditions that will lead to evolution with a perspective.

Its aims are in detail:

* To promote the investment into human resources towards faster vocational & entrepreneurial development.

* To contribute to employees&39; mobility, flexibility & adaptation increase

* To contribute to the increase of self-employed & SME competitiveness.

* To promote employability of unemployed.

* To promote inclusion of socially vulnerable groups.

* To introduce and promote integrated & innovative educational methods.

* To promote applied research in the field of adult education on local & international level.

* To promote full exploitation of new technologies on professional level & private level in everyday life.

* To contribute to the perception of life long learning as a way of life.

* To accelerate the introduction 7 dissemination of educational know-how into the Greek educational reality.


In its 12 years of operation, Olympic Training Ltd. Contributes in a dynamic way to the development of life long learning, the introduction of up to date & innovative educational methods, as well as, to the promotion of applied research in the adult education field on local &international level.


* Design, development & implementation of vocational training for unemployed.

* Design, development & implementation of integrated programmes for the combat of social exclusion the labour market.

* Training for self employed & employed.

* Trainers training programmes.

* Design, development & implementation of programmes of company-internal training according to the needs of the enterprise.

* Services for vocational orientation, vocational counseling & support .

* Research & studies.

* Training material development .

* Certified exam centers for the supply of certified ICT skills.

* Organization of conferences, seminar, exhibitions.

* Development of transnational-inter-European activities & cooperation regarding adult education & the development of innovative products & services of wide interest connected to life long learning.

* Participation in national/ European networks & cooperation.


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