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Andras is a non-governmental organisation which unites the representatives of different branches of adult education and aims at increasing the competence of its members in the field of pedagogics. Andras is a state-wide umbrella organisation having 51 members.

We focus on non-formal education and promote the idea of lifelong learning the main activity of which is Adult Learners Week (ALW).

In the framework of ALW we acknowledge outstanding adult learners every year. Each county s one outstanding learner for recognition amongst the nominees, who will be awarded the title of the Learner of the Year. These awarded learners showed willingness to start communication between themselves to speak about their achievements and problems.

So, it was life itself that created the need of successful learners to exchange experience and find appropriate means for this. This is the reason for us participating in the project.

Target group characteristics
The learners various parts of Estonia have been involved in the project. These are the recognised learnes the age range of 34 to 65, who work in different fields and whose common interst is to develop the reciprocal cooperation of learners. These people study both in formal and non-formal educational establishments. Thus, the reach of project activities in AEAE Andras is nation-wide.

Description of outcomes of the survey
There were 34 women and 8 men participating in the survey carried out at the beginning of the project, 72% of the respondents were the rural areas.

The responses revealed that people started to learn to get new knowledge, new job and also, in many cases to reenter the labour market. Popular education was mentioned a lot, which enabled to deal with ones hobbies.

The question, weather the learners would like to develop reciprocal communication, met a positive response. It occurred that Estonian adult learner would be happy to share his experience face to face - via forums, round tables, promotion weeks and other gatherings. Internet and media-based means were not considered that effective.

Learners activities within the project framework
In December of 2005 arranged by the leaders of the project, recognized learners came together all over Estonia. We called this meeting Adult Learners&39; Forum. The learners had a chance to meet each other, listened to the presentations and did group work. An initiative group was set up on the voluntary basis, which started the learners&39; group participating in current project. Discussions about how to organize and sustain a permanent learners&39; forum and what would be the use of this, were held in meetings, workshops and seminars. A possiblity for internet communication was created for the focus group.

We have reached the statement that adult learners must speak about their interests, information dissemination and getting it, up to making proposals to training centres or even being the pressure group at local level. Training and motivation of learners is inevitable for this.

In June 2006 we organized a summer school for the focus group, we listened presentations on topics of origination and creation of citizen unions and discussed possible ways for the forum to exist on permanent basis. The conclusion was that sharing of experience and discussing the problems would be very useful - bringing benefit to learners and to the wider community.

Based on the example of a successful learner we can show others that barriers can be overcome and we can motivate people to participate and look for information.

We have also had several discussions about different forms of the forum and adapted different forms to different target groups of learners. The choice of form depends on social group of the learners as well.

In December 2006 the second over-Estonian learners gathering-forum took place. Now it was organized by the experienced ALF focus group.

The main issue is how to involve other learners besides the focus group, how to motivate them to participate actively. Despite the enthusiasm of the focus group the problem of many adult learners is the passivity and opinion that noone would never listen to them anyway. People are so engaged with their own lives that they do not wish to participate in the forums.

Together with our partners we look for ideas and solutions to activate the learners.


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